Day 3: Gelato and a sunset on the canal in Fairport


Nothing fancy for day 3, just a quick trip after dinner. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get many items from my list done last week, because the weather was kind of cold and rainy and all the other unseasonable weirdness that accompanies the Lilac Fest. But luckily, last Monday as I got home from work, the clouds started to break and the sky blue itself. I was in the mood for a treat, so I went to the village of Fairport with my parents for some dessert. If you’ve never been to Royal Cafe, I highly recommend checking it out. The owner is a little Italian guy, and the gelato is handmade. It’s probably about as close to the real deal as you can get without crossing the Atlantic. As we wandered along the canal, the sun made an actual real appearance, and we ended up catching a pretty nice sunset.


Day 2: Fahsye and Fairport Brewing Company


On Friday, I realized that Mother’s Day was only two days away and I needed to get a gift, which, honestly, was probably a new record for me in terms of planning ahead for presents. Since my dad had already laid claim to buying an Alex and Ani bracelet, I had to think of something else. (Sidebar: Dudes, if you never know what to get the ladies in your life, get them into Alex and Ani, and then you will never have to think about gifts again. It’s the best.) I decided to head to my new favorite boutique, Fahsye. They’re located on the corner of Winton and Blossom, and have nice, quality jewelry that won’t turn your fingers green, but isn’t exorbitantly expensive. Plus, the owner is super nice and remembers who you are, which in my opinion is one of the best parts of shopping local.

While picking up a bracelet for my mom, I couldn’t help but get one of Fahsye’s newest additions to their ROC Jewelry collection. I own about four different pieces from this now, and I get endless compliments on them. Even my brother, who is a tax lawyer and never notices anything unless it’s a poorly written contract or something like that, commented on how cool the city skyline necklace is.



After Fahsye, I met up with my parents for dinner at Jeremiah’s (mmmm, Buffalo wings), and then we headed over to the Fairport Brewing Company in the village of Fairport. FBC has a cool success story: with the help of a Kickstarter campaign and the support of the community, they were able to grow from the owner’s basement into a full-fledged brewery with a tasting room on Main Street. They have a huge outdoor patio, and frankly, are a welcome relief from the Irish pubs and townie bars that were previously the only place to have “fun” in Fairport. (Oh, and Applebee’s. I guess technically you could have a night out in Perinton at Applebee’s…if you hated yourself.) They also have several fire pits on the patio, which we weren’t able to sit around because we didn’t get there early enough…but it was 90 degrees out, so they weren’t on anyways. Next nice cool evening we have, I’m gonna get there at 4pm and camp.

I tried their Irish red and nut brown ales, and they were both great. My dad had a few of the pale ale varieties and said that he wished they were a bit hoppier, but I think he’d drink a straight glass of hops if he could get away with it, so take that as you will. There was also a food truck there, which I didn’t try, but I like the concept of being able to go back and try different food trucks throughout the summer. This particular night had live entertainment, which I’ll confess I’m not always a fan of. I hate when you’re trying to have a drink with friends and suddenly some band is playing so loud you can’t hear anyone talk. However, the outdoor patio at FBC is the perfect venue for music (and not just because they have a noise ordinance in Fairport so they can’t play too loudly). The guys who played on Friday, Mike Gladstone and Rob Smith, were fantastic, and provided a great soundtrack to a relaxing evening.