What I Learned By Not Drinking For 8 Hours


The last time I had a drink was 8 hours ago. (It was a Genny Bock on draft. It was delicious.) I knew that I had to stop, though. It was late and I was tired, so I went home and went to sleep. Here’s what I’ve learned in that time.

  1. I’m hungrier

After a drink and a full night’s sleep, I am ready to completely devour my leftover corned beef hash. Maybe I’ll have a bagel, too.

2. I’m thirstier.

My apartment can get pretty dry, so I’ve learned it’s a good idea to put a glass of water next to my bed, so I don’t have to get out from under my warm sheets. Protip: Invest in a Brita filter, too.

3. My bed is really warm and comfy

Speaking of warm sheets, I could just stay here for the entire day.

4. Wait, I have to go to the bathroom

This is the worst.

5. My bed is still really warm and comfy

And I refilled my water glass, so I can stay in here all day!

6. I’m still hungry



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