Day 1: CITY Newspaper’s Best Busker Contest


I was technically going to kick this whole thing off by going to the Lilac Festival. As the official start of festival season and summer, it felt like a good place to start my 100 days project. But, when life hands you buy one get one free lemons with free entertainment, plans change. Last night, I hit up CITY Newspaper’s 6th Annual Best Busker Contest, where street musicians perform to win guitar pick votes, and several bars and restaurants along East and Alexander offer food and drink specials throughout the night. This was my first time going, so I was very excited to check it out!

If I’m being 100% honest, we did a lot more eating and drinking than we did checking out the buskers. I walked over after work with my friend Kristen and we were both hungry, so we decided to hit up Havana Cabana and Ox and Stone before their specials ended. I ordered a blue fruity drink from Havana Cabana, thinking, “How strong can some blue fruity drink be?!” The answer is VERY. Also, very delicious. We did get a chance to take in some of the performances as we walked down East, and they were all fantastic. Of course, I’m the person in a crowd who claps half a beat off from everyone else, so I’m not the best barometer for musical talent. Although we didn’t get the chance to vote for any buskers, I ran into a few friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time, so I don’t regret lingering over the food. Despite being a Thursday, there was a fair crowd outside on the patio at Victoire, where we ended the night with pomme frites and some beers.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to the Mark Groening Gallery, who lent us a roll of duct tape when Kristen’s sandal snapped halfway down the street on the condition that we browse the gallery. His blown glass stuff is really cool, and he was willing to help us out so Kristen didn’t have to limp like a zombie back to the car.



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